It's Alright & Bloodbaths

by Bloodbaths

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released March 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Bloodbaths Akron, Ohio

Sad melodies.
pathetic words.


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Track Name: Hate Me
I looked into your heart
I saw things that were dark
and covered in cobwebs
I saw things I didn't like
but I guess that I can learn to ignore them
cause you
are a beautiful person filled
with only good intentions
and though sometimes you make mistakes
you mean the most to me

I think about the time spent by myself
it makes no sense
compared to the time with you

I'm still smoking cigarettes
and I'm still scared to death
that my lungs are collapsing
and I'm learning from experience
that I'm not okay when I am by myself
I've created a living hell
for both you and me
so fucking sorry
that I never changed

Track Name: New Years
New Years Eve
think my parents are asleep
dozing off with my clothes on
your face nestled to my cheek

I think I've found a home
in the belly of a ghost
you say you'll always love me
even when I don't

I am so sad now
it feels like you're dead
my head hurts
my head hurts
(I know I lost // I miss you, I'm sorry // I feel so lost)

I think I've found a home
in the belly of a ghost
you say you'll always love me ( I swear I'll always love you)
even when I don't (even though you don't)
Track Name: Gnarly Cat
You're in love with Nick Sheer
that bearded kid who looks weird
you love his smile
and his random bouts of denial
he is younger than your ex-boyfriend
and he is cuter than the rest of them
you're in love with how he loves you
and your in love with how you love him too
I'm not high

I am not high
I'm lying on the couch
there's a cat on my feet
this world's to real for me
I'm a loser
Sometimes I hate myself ( I don't respect myself)
cause all of my problems
tend to feel like hell ( tend to bring me down)