Grass Stain

from by Bloodbaths

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there's a glass shard
in my left arm
there's a grass stain on my knee
that I got from falling in the yard
there's a memory of an open casket
in the dead of May
and there's a piece of this that
haunts me
even when I close my eyes to sleep

I wish I knew your brother and
I wish that I knew Pat
and I wish I knew my grandfather
in the way that my mom did
I'm trying to make sense of all these
unexpected deaths
but all I have is empty words
and confusion in my head

part of me hopes that I will never be able to relate to you
and the other half hopes that one day
I will be able to understand what you find your refuge in
death has not scarred me in the same way that it makes you suffer
but a part of me dies
when I see that painful glaze
covering your eyes

I don't think I cry
half as much as I think I should
but then again
I'm not sober
half as much as I would like to be


from Den Mother, released April 20, 2016




Bloodbaths Akron, Ohio

Sad melodies.
pathetic words.


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